The Danube Region Biomass Action Plan

Within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) (see below) an Action Plan has been developed, which also defined concrete steps in order to encourage the sustainable use of biomass. The Priority Area 2 (PA2) of the EUSDR "To encourage more sustainable energy", coordinated by Hungary and the Czech Republic, decided to develop a Danube Region Biomass Action Plan (DRBAP) to support the realization of these steps in practice. As a main result this comprehensive document will contain recommendations formulated by the responsible national ministries reflecting the current status and views of the Danube Region countries regarding the use of biomass.

Countries of the Danube Region Strategy: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

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The demo project database

Beside the DRBAP this website is being developed with the aim to collect biomass projects which can be considered as good examples from the Danube Region.

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Joint Declaration on Biomass Sustainability

In 13 June 2013 the countries of the Danube Region Strategy adopted a joint declaration on biomass sustainability which declares that

Based on all above, the countries of the Danube Region Strategy (DRS) do not see an urgent need to develop additional sustainability criteria for solid biomass on EU level.

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What is the EUSDR?

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission in December 2010 and endorsed by the European Council in 2011.

The Strategy was jointly developed by the Commission, together with the Danube Region countries and stakeholders, in order to address common challenges together.
The Strategy seeks to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region.

The Strategy is not about funding, it is about closer cooperation!

Priorities and Priority Area 2

One Strategy - 11 Priorities

One Strategy - 11 Priorities

The Danube Region Strategy addresses a wide range of issues; these are divided among 4 pillars and 11 priority areas (see image above). Each priority area is managed by 2 Priority Area Coordinators (PACs). To find out more about the role of PACs, please see 'What is the EUSDR?'. To read the June 2012 Implementation Report for each Priority Area click here.

PA 02 | Energy

Priority Area 2 of the EUSDR "To encourage more sustainable energy" is coordinated by Hungary and the Czech Republic, with the involvement of a wide network of key players and stakeholders from the 14 countries of the Danube Region.

The Energy Priority Area (PA2) has three major objectives to follow during its work. First, PA2 coordinates regional energy polices in various topics in order to exploit the full potential of an integrated energy market. Second, PA2 is instrumental in the integration of the energy markets of the non-EU countries and supports them in the implementation of the EU energy acquis. Third, PA2 is committed to launch cutting edge technology developments, which will increase the energy efficiency of the region and enhance the use of renewable energy sources. This three-fold approach is represented in several initiatives, of which many are already completed while some of them are ongoing activities.

To find out more about PA2, please click here.